With our craftsmanship, capabilities and design, we are a supplier that provides total proposals for automotive interiors.

Kotobukiya Fronte Co.,ltd.

Materials, technology, design.
Caring intently about these three things gives us the power to create car interiors.

  • Floor carpets

    Floor carpets

    Molding technology, such as used for floor carpets, is one of the essential technologies for creating a comfortable interior space.

  • Accessory mats

    Accessory mats

    Accessory mats that further enhance the value of one’s car.

  • Seat fabric

    Seat fabric

    The seat fabric that directly wraps around one’s body is an important point for car owners.


Mar. 31, 2019
executive organization announced for FY2019
Jun. 27, 2018
New executive organization announced for FY2018
Mar. 30, 2016
New executive organization announced for FY2016
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